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Swarovski Elements Beads, Chatons

     E-shop offers a wide range of Swarovski Elements. There are Bicon 5301/5328, Round Cut 5000, beads chatons of many colors and shapes. If you are interested in wholesale Swarovski products, including those who are not on our e-shop, we can arrange for you all products Swarovski Elements.
    Swarovski beads are high quality products made with the modern technology. The high-quality precision cutting and the clear through-hole achieve high brilliance and clarity. Round hole edges reduce the wear on thread and increase the durability of designs.
    Swarovski round stones are loose crystal elements. Most of them are pointed on the reverse side making them easy to apply in either metal claw settings or pre-set cavities in die-cast metal alloys. In our e -shop you can find XILION chaton, which is Swarovski most brilliant crystal element ever.
    We offer Swarovski round stones in the form of Hot Fix or No Hot Fix.
    No Hot Fix round stones have a flat backs. These flat backs are easy to apply to a variety of carrier materials, using standard one- or two-component glues. Both of types of glues we offer on our e -shop.
    Hot Fix round stones has been pre-coated with a heat-sensitive glue. These round stones can be easily applied to a large range of textile carrier materials using heat to produce  a durable and long-lasting crystal effect.

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