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Trading Conditions

Who is the seller: EDOya s.r.o., based at Francouzská 112, 101 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic . Identification Number: 25453891, V.A.T. Payer Identification Number: CZ25453891, presenting himself under the trade mark starBEADS, owning web pages

Who is a costumer: any natural person or legal entity that places an order on goods from the offer presented at web pages

Data security: the seller guarantees that all information concerning the customer and his transactions made on www. are secured against misuse and will not be passed on to a third person without the customer's consent.
All information concerning credit and debit cards is transmitted through the SSL protocol and therefore secured against misuse.
On-line payment system: Pay MUZO is based on the 3-D Secure technology that is backed up by two biggest card associations MasterCard and VISA. The system is run by the business company MUZO, a.s., joint stock company, which operates as the authorization center for debit and credit cards in the Czech Republic.
Prices for goods: prices stated on www. are in EUR and CZK (Czech crowns) and include packing charges.
The prices of products on the pages www. are stated with V.A.T.
Customers from the countries of the European Union (E.U.) will pay the prices including the above stated tax (except companies with V.A.T.).
Other customers, who are not from the countries of the E.U. will pay the prices without that tax. They can save up more than 15% of the final price of goods.
Method of payment:

  • by cash:you pay by cash when you receive goods by post service.(only inCzech Republic)
  • by credit or debit card:on-line via the payment gate we accept VISA cards and MasterCard cards. The card must be embossed (it must have a number in relief printing). The customer fills in the card number, the expiry date and CVC or CVV verifying code - it can be found on the back of a card under, respectively on the signature band, it is a group of the last three or four digits. we accept some electronic cards like VISA electron and MAESTRO. But these cards will be accepted depends on your bank.
  • bank transfer: In this case you will receive after ordering goods confirmation with all necesary informations for bank transfer. After receiving amount to the firm account, you will be informed about sending goods, that is usually the next working day.

Return policy: in case the customer is not satisfied with supplied goods he or she can return them without giving a reason within 14 days from the taking of delivery. It is sufficient to announce this to the seller on The seller will by return send back the money for the goods to the customer, however without the postage, as soon as he receives the consignment, under these conditions:

  • the goods will be in an undamaged original box from the producer.
  • the goods will be undamaged and it will be possible to sell them further.

Liability for defects: the forwarding company is responsible for defects caused by a delivery, especially for an apparent damage of the cover, destruction or partial damage of contents of consignment. Therefore we recommend that all customers inspect the goods properly before taking the delivery.>
To customers' attention: if not stated otherwise the goods offered on are not suitable for use in dishwashers and microwave ovens.>
Wholesale conditions: if you are interested in selling our goods please contact us at There are special prices and conditions for wholesale sellers.

all materials placed on these pages - that is on the internet address, are subject of copyright of the company EDOya s.r.o. Copyright of third parties is retained. The following material is free to access only for viewing. In case of copying the material or any of its parts in any written or electronic form a clear link to EDOya s.r.o.(that is must be stated. Any further circulation of this material can be done only with the express consent of EDOya s.r.o.

Summary of possible ways of goods delivery and their prices for:

Česká pošta - Ekonomický / Czech Post Economy * 3.40 €

Doporučená zásilka nebo balík v rámci České republiky do 3 pracovních dnů, nad 2000.- Zadarmo/ Recomended pack within Czech Republic till 3 working days, From 2000.- free of charge

Česká pošta - Prioritní / Czech Post Priority * 3.80 €

Doporučená zásilka nebo balík v rámci České republiky do 2 pracovních dnů, nad 2000.- Zadarmo/ Recomended pack within Czech Republic till 2 working days, nad 2000.- free of charge

Česká pošta - Do ruky / To your hand 4.45 €

Doporučení balík - Do ruky v rámci České republiky do 1 pracovní dem/ Recomended pack - Do ruky within Czech Republic till 1 working day

Osobní vyzvednutí zboží / pick up at shop 0.00 €

* For deliveries over 80.94 € (inc. of VAT) is transport free of charge for this delivery. - Česká pošta - Ekonomický / Czech Post Economy

* For deliveries over 80.94 € (inc. of VAT) is transport free of charge for this delivery. - Česká pošta - Prioritní / Czech Post Priority

Summary of possible payment methods and their prices:

V hotovosti při os. vyzvednutí / Cash at shop 0.00 €
(orders from 8.09 € )

Při vyzvednutí objednávku v naší prodejně zaplatíte v hotovosti.

Platební kartou / Credit Card "on-line" (VISA, MasterCard) 0.00 €
(orders from 8.09 € )

Přijímáme karty VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro s CVV kódem. Při akceptaci platebních karet využíváme 3D-Secure řešení - nejmodernější aplikace kartových Asociací MasterCard a Visa umožňující bezpečné platby kartou na internetu.
Údaje ze své platební karty zadáváte přímo bance. 

Převodem z účtu / Bank transfer 0.00 €
(orders from 8.09 € )

Platíte bankovním převodem. Jako variabilní symbol uveďte číslo objednávky. V případě platby ze zahraničí, prosím proveďte platbu způsobem SHARE, kde každá strana platí poplatek své banky.

Dobírkou / Cash on delivery 2.95 €
(orders from 8.09 € )

Za zásilku zaplatíte až kurýrovi při převzetí zásilky.

  • EDOya s.r.o.
    Francouzská 112
    101 00 Praha 10
    ID No.: 25453891
    VAT No.: CZ25453891
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