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Czech glass beads

    E-shop offers a wide range of Czech glass beads. There are pressed beads, cut beads, pearls and bugles or lamp beads.
    Production of beads and jewelry started in jablonec area, Bohemian, in 19th century. There were and grinding mills and pressed mills . They made a particularly polished glass beads and jewelery stones .
    In the half of the 19th century production greatly expanded and became world famous. Before the end of the 19th century there were made glass beads, painted porcelain beads, pins, clasps, chains and cut metal components in jablonec area.
    During the first half of the 20th century interest in Jablonec components for world wars alternately rising and falling. During the second World War II, most of the jewelery factories converted to war production. After the breakdown of the Eastern Bloc during the 90th years the most important companies in the Czech Preciosa glass beads become Preciosa, Jablonex Group or Ornela Beads Group.

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